1 World, 2 Wheels!

Help us and Trek change the world!Global warming, obesity, air and noise pollution, road rage, high gas prices... we all know the world has big problems.

Luckily, there's an elegant solution. One that saves the environment, makes people healthy and happy, that burns calories not gas, that's quiet, easy, fun, and that saves money every time you use it. What is this modern marvel?

It's bicycling, of course! A beautiful solution to all these problems.

After all, 40% of non-work-related car trips are two miles or less, and 50% of people drive only five miles to work! Both distances are easy bike rides. And pedaling instead of driving is a great way to curb global warming, burn calories, save gas and money, while having more fun getting where you're going.

Likewise, what if more communities had a Safe Routes to Schools plan so kids could pedal to school safely? Suddenly a lot less parents would be driving to school every morning making roads safer, quieter and cleaner. And kids would stay healthier and happier pedaling to school and back.

We're committed to making these dreams into reality and are working with Trek and their 1 World, 2 Wheels program for change. The way this program works is that for every Trek full-suspension bicycle and helmet we sell, Trek will donate money to IMBA, the International Mountain Bicycling Association, and to the League of American Bicyclists. And, these organizations will use this money to promote on- and off-road bicycling so that the world becomes a better place through cycling.

You can help, too! Start by biking as much as possible. It's the greenest thing you can do for the earth's health and you'll be amazed how much it will help your own health and outlook. We look forward to seeing you on the road and trail, and thanks for your help! 1 World, 2 Wheels!